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Save up to 70% when Booking Business/First Class Ticket with us

At Airmiles.HK, We know how to help businesses with their travel needs. We understand that sometimes last-minute trips come up, and there’s not a lot of time or resources available to book them. As a travel Advisors, We are here to help get your company there, so you can focus on your important business matters. We specialised in Award / Millage redemption tickets, you can fly premium class and save up to 70%


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The Fares bellow are for exmple only, One Way Business class, for Exact Fare please fill in the form bellow and we will get back to you shortly with accurate prices,

Non-Stop to Amsterdam
San Francisco Skyline
San Francisco Skyline

Business Class
Europe - Asia
Frankfurt - Hong Kong
London - Singapore
Munich - Bangkok
One way


Business Class
North America - Asia
JFK - Hong Kong
LAX - Singapore
Chicago - Bangkok
One way


Business Class

Tel Aviv - Hong Kong

Paris - New York

Panama - Istanbul

One way


Business Class
Chicago - LAX
New York - Miami
San Francisco - Chicago


Colorful Beach

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